Friday, August 23, 2013

A Little More Fame and a Bit of Filming

Wearing a lot of hats lately (that means I have a lot - no make it a LOT of jobs these days) I haven't been filming that much. Being a smart gal though, when I see an opportunity worth saving on film, I don't pass it by.  A new fountain (courtesy of my blogging hat) appeared at MOSP (switching to curator hat now) along with a lovely new dress (modeling hat? Yep, I got one). Add a little Windlight and what do you get? A perfect filming moment with some archived clips added to my "filler" folder. You just never know when those scenes might come in handy.

I have been building too, mostly for MOSP and my tiny little niche shop is doing better than ever. I think it must be the new store building. It is impressive and that adds a sense of confidence to buyers. All in all it has been a great summer.

And today I had an article published at The SL Enquirer. I am especially pleased the interviewer chose my newest film, a documentary, as the embedded film. Not my usual theme by any means, it is important to our world and the next generations.