Tuesday, December 27, 2011


CHAINED - Filmed at Second Libations,  a Linden Endowment for the Arts exhibit, December 2011.

Haveit Neox invited me to film his installation at LEA6. I was indeed impressed with his depth of vision. The landscape was large in scope as well as theme.The underlying premise consisted of artificial intelligence robots being left on their own and their attempt to reconnect with their creators.

You can read the full story here.

I seldom have a concrete plan when I film and this journey followed that path. I had an ending; Chav, my male incarnation, in chains -- discouraged, tired and waiting. Beyond that I simply explored and filmed. I took filler shots, static shots and pans; preferring a mix over consistency.  After filming, I wrote the poem as fast as my pen would let me. Then I fit the clips to illustrate the story. Happily I had perfect music in my inventory, recently rescued from an almost complete computer melt down.

I wasn't too sure about this video. It took several trips to film. New and reinstalled software had issues, my filming skills were rusty after almost a month, and the sim's frames per second were often below threshold. But I kept returning and redoing and in the end I appreciated the installation in a fuller sense than I would have if things had run smoothly.

Comments on this work have been very positive. It seems that I am lost amidst the pieces and the process and perhaps cannot see its impact. But I trust in what others see.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New Direction

New years call for new directions.  I am changing the focus of this blog. There may be a few great shots added to the pages here and there, but machinima and art installations will take priority -- being my current loves, they are  the rightful stars.

As I finish new machinima work, and hopefully other art installations they will be posted on the home page. Backstory and philosophy will like accompany photos and links to the video. A complete video record will be in library format on the MACHINIMA page; just click the link in the top menu to see my progress.

Photo above from the opening of my LEA installation, "The Subway" on December 4, 2011.