Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Art At UWA

Drawing Outside the Lines was featured as part of a lengthy production on the University of Western Australia's work in the arts. See the video here.

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Little More Fame and a Bit of Filming

Wearing a lot of hats lately (that means I have a lot - no make it a LOT of jobs these days) I haven't been filming that much. Being a smart gal though, when I see an opportunity worth saving on film, I don't pass it by.  A new fountain (courtesy of my blogging hat) appeared at MOSP (switching to curator hat now) along with a lovely new dress (modeling hat? Yep, I got one). Add a little Windlight and what do you get? A perfect filming moment with some archived clips added to my "filler" folder. You just never know when those scenes might come in handy.

I have been building too, mostly for MOSP and my tiny little niche shop is doing better than ever. I think it must be the new store building. It is impressive and that adds a sense of confidence to buyers. All in all it has been a great summer.

And today I had an article published at The SL Enquirer. I am especially pleased the interviewer chose my newest film, a documentary, as the embedded film. Not my usual theme by any means, it is important to our world and the next generations.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best of SL and the Snake

Now this shot has nothing at all to do with my comments for the day but I really liked this fashion photo and I didn't want to cross post from the MOSP blog yet again. There is a humongous version of this on my Flickr just in case you want to print it out and put it in your locker -- well of course you don't; just sayin'.

In the news, a very nice article about MOSP and me in The Best of SL. See page 134 for a starting spot.

The UWA machinima contest is complete with a bit over a month for the judges to watch and consider and turn in their lists. I, not a judge, have turned in mine for the audience participation (I tied for second last year). Actually I was the very FIRST to turn in my list. I'd been working on it as the films came in, so only had to watch the last ones and adjust as needed. There were some impressive works once again. I am looking forward to seeing how well I did with my list.

I am starting on a new film for the Monsanto Video Revolt. I am not an activist by any means, but I have been gardening and saving my own seeds -- in corporeal life of course -- for a few decades. I haven't made a documentary in awhile so it will be good to stretch in a newish direction. It will still be arty and dramatic - at least that's my intention. I have until July 24th so I have been filming here and there for a week or two. No real plan as yet but it is coming a bit clearer as my clips line up in their little ducky lines.

Now, normally NO ONE comes to this blog (smile). It is mostly for me to keep track of my artier side. But thanks to those of you who have been journeying over from one of the more public spots where this blog may be lurking in linkdom. It's nice to know some folks have taken the time to see what's here.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fame, Glory and All That Jazz

Cross posted from the MOSP blog --

Some history of MOSP and a casual look at how I work can be seen in an interview filmed last week. Find the videos here at YouTube or at AviewTV. Great fun for me and I am a bit less trepidations about the SL voice thing now. Thanks to those of you that stopped by the studio. I appreciate your support.

PLEASE NOTE that the video doesn't actually start with sound until about 1:30 in. So click ahead if you are impatient. I forgot to mention that and there was some confusion :D.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Two more films have been added to the UWA contest collection.

One is a simple but pretty art piece showcasing some of the many notable 3D artworks in the accompanying exhibition. 

The last and certainly the most ambitious of the three UWA 2013 films is Drawing Outside the Lines. Its making taxed my computer. Happily completed, it includes my first voiceover.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Back to the Future

Now and then there are photos that stick with you and become favorites. For me they are often in grayscale as this one. I liked my photo so much I succumbed to the siren's call and took it over again at 4000 width, something that I can now do (happily) since the fixes in the viewers. You can see the large and very clear (yes I am impressed) version at Flickr.

Monday, April 22, 2013

No Regrets

This is my favorite shot from the film No Regrets, and entry into MachinimUWA VI: REFLECTIONS

See it at YouTube HERE.

I Have Walked This Way Before

A small section of a 32 x 32 meter skybox installation for the University of Western Austrailia's Centenary 3D Art Challenge: REFLECTIONS.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just One Shot

I've been busy of late, blogging, getting the Machinima Open Studio Project moved and revamped and even doing some filming. Nothing with movement ready to share but I took this photo last evening that I really like. The shadow, high contrast and  accented neutral palette all appeal to me. So here is my just one shot -- no post processing besides cropping -- photo to update this blog a bit.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A New Year - A New Direction - Take Two

I have been lax with updates of late. It has been a busy time. Blogging daily, learning to design in mesh, saying goodbye to LEA20 and looking forward to its rebirth at LEA7 -- all good.

Looking at my Flickr files -- the very few things that I upload as I am not really a Flickr gal, this is my favorite shot of the new year. It was taken as I was finishing up the warehouse build (soon to be the sound new sound stages at the Machinima Open Studio Project). Gorgeous shadows, the city skylight above me -- I really couldn't ask for more.

I have been filming but commercially, not artistically. Plans are being jotted down and footage being taken for the new University of Western Australia challenges. Should be fun.