Scream - September 2011

Locations can be a challenge. There are owners to contact, permissions to be signed. Sometimes, the most fun is building your own world. If I am thrifty with my prims, I have the ability to design the set to my needs. Who know what will come from a mix of inventory items, textures and a bit of inspiration.

Nature of Elements -- August 2011

A screenshot of Wonder, the sheep and I at the Bayou -- from an upcoming video called Nature of Elements. Such a beautiful eve.

Midsummer Night's Dream  -- July 2011

click for a high rez version

EE and Wonder on the set of Midsummer Night's Dream. Happily my insistence over time that they pick up some not to be missed freebies has left them with diverse but sometimes matching wardrobes.  Sweaters and pants from a current hunt completed the mirrored attire.