Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Busy Busy Gal

I have been a busy girl with some time consuming projects of late.

Just up my first feature film (5 min) made totally in Opensim. I built all the city sets, but of course I didn't realize I WAS building sets when I began construction seven months ago.

The characters in the bar scene are all NPCs. The male lead is indeed -- NOT me (OMG). I mean I am talented, but I certainly can't drive a bike, run two avatars AND film a moving vehicle.

SLartist link is here
YouTube (1080) link is here.

Also newish is a remake of Lost in the City.  This consists of old footage mixed with new. The story changed a bit in the retelling -- as it should.

Slartist link is here.
YouTube link is here.

PG rated for partial nudity, this very arty film features work by Second Life artists.

Slartist link is here.

I have also been making LOTS of tutorials (Windlight, Building, Photography) and you can find that channel here

And that pretty much catches up any visitors wandering in :D.