Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fame, Glory and All That Jazz

Cross posted from the MOSP blog --

Some history of MOSP and a casual look at how I work can be seen in an interview filmed last week. Find the videos here at YouTube or at AviewTV. Great fun for me and I am a bit less trepidations about the SL voice thing now. Thanks to those of you that stopped by the studio. I appreciate your support.

PLEASE NOTE that the video doesn't actually start with sound until about 1:30 in. So click ahead if you are impatient. I forgot to mention that and there was some confusion :D.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Two more films have been added to the UWA contest collection.

One is a simple but pretty art piece showcasing some of the many notable 3D artworks in the accompanying exhibition. 

The last and certainly the most ambitious of the three UWA 2013 films is Drawing Outside the Lines. Its making taxed my computer. Happily completed, it includes my first voiceover.