The Subway

The Subway installation appeared at Linden Endowments for the Arts in November and December 2011 at LEA28. The "city" and subway beneath were the set for the machinima, "Lost in the City".

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"Lost in the City" - machinima made on site

First Look at the Set - machinima

From an interview script Medley Performance Center December 2011:

  Q: You have a prolific career working with Machinimas, how born your interest for this medium of expression?

 I have a real life background in film being part of a company some years ago. We didn't make anything you have likely seen *wink* but we had a lot of fun and I definitely enjoyed filming as part of a creative process.

 I also have a background in 2D art and photography, so putting them all together in a virtual way is very fitting and is definitely working for me!

  Q: What have been your works previously to start to create Machinimas?

In SL I have done many things. Several shops -- both fashion and prefabs -- have been enjoyable. I also have had a photography studio and I worked for a magazine as a photographer for awhile.
My longest "career" has been my Chic at Phil's Place blog which is mostly about fashion but delves in to design and locales. I will hit 2300 posts very soon. So that is what I am most well known for.

  Q: Some weeks ago you finished the projection of "Lost in the City", for this video you have created the complete scenario.  Was it planned from the beginning?

Originally I had a machinima idea that included a subway locale. Since finding a place to legally film is often the most problematic part of production, I decided to build the subway myself. Then, the LEA Endowment Land Rush happened and I was lucky enough to win a plot.

From there they subway "set" became The Subway installation and I added specter like people to inhabit my city. The installation actually took on a life of its own and I spent a great amount of time on that part of the process. I completely enjoyed the journey though, so it was all good.
It took me three weeks to build the set / installation and three days to film and edit the machinma - LOL. Such is art.

Q: Can you briefly the sim you have created? If you desire you can provide us the LM.

Certainly. For the complete experience you enter at ground level of the LEA28 sim, You walk to the smallish city you see in the distance and click on the ticket booth. This gets you to the subway itself which is at 500 meters.

There is an underground section of the subway and when you walk up the stairs there is a much larger city with various "inhabitants" in dioramas of a sort.  They were an integral part of the machinima film.
The SLURL to the ground level is :  You can wander the city and -- if you have webpage on a prim capability -- you can watch the video in world. If not, clicking on the screen takes you to my YouTube channel :D.