Friday, February 17, 2012

The Search - UWA V "Seek Wisdom"

The University of Western Australia is once again hosting a machinima competition.  Its theme is based on "Seek Wisdom" and the UWA itself, now with 100 years of service. I sort of volunteered to go first, over-achiever me, with "The Search". The films are to be 4:30 minutes long in order to be considered for a special prize. That is a long film for me, but I did manage. I plan to do a more surreal and outside the box film before the contest ends in June. LOTS of time.

On Thin Ice

I was asked to document my LEA12 build, On Thin Ice. Our installations are fleeting and photos and film are the only tangible evidence they existed. There are our memories of course.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fifteen Minutes Or a Bit More

A red letter day for me, my installation is currently featured on the Phoenix login screen as an Editor's Pick in the SL Destination Guide. Happily a friend let me know and forwarded proof. So I simply had to include it in the HMWYBS blog.