Machinima List

A listing of  some of the Second Life machinima produced, directed and often starred in by Chic Aeon.

A love story filmed at Fantasy Faire. See at YouTube.

 Bookends - never far from one another.  See at YouTube.

 Quantum theory meets poetry in this award-winning film.  See at YouTube.

Only Mind - Only Thought
for University of Western Austrailia's Transcending Borders.  See at YouTube.

A poignant story of love, loss and remembrance.

See at YouTube.

Sea Mitiz asked me to venture over to her LEA6 build. The result? Some good practice (I wasn't a rusty as I thought) and a very pretty 3 minute film. See at YouTube

Filmed for the Monsanto Video Revolt (July 2013) the Road to Nowhere highlights some of the dangers inherent in the adoption of genetically modified seeds.

The last and certainly the most ambitious of the three UWA 2013 films is Drawing Outside the Lines. Its making taxed my computer. Happily completed, it includes my first voiceover.

One is a simple but pretty art piece showcasing some of the many notable 3D artworks in the accompanying exhibition. 

This is my favorite shot from the film No Regrets, and entry into MachinimUWA VI: REFLECTIONS. See it at YouTube HERE.

A flies in amber collage of the second Linden Endowment for the Arts ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE, five months ending August 15, 2012.

The Linden Endowment of the Arts is an official Linden Community Partnership program whose purpose is to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the art community.

YouTube Video >>

Deeply inspired by the latest moody and thought provoking build of Marcus Inkpen, I took a journey in my imagination. My camera when along for the ride.

Filmed at "The Returning" (LEA17) and the University of Western Australia with one brief shot from my archives at Rain, this film features treasures from the UWA inworld campus: Mosaic Marble Floor - Winthrop Tower Balconette - Hans Arkeveld's 'Celestian'

Music is Come With Me by Stranger's Moment's (cc)

Link to the absence of memory on YouTube 


From my YouTube blurb:

A few years ago I lived in a tiny town on the edge of nowhere. Men were at a premium there; that is, there weren't that many. The local saying was that you needed to import one to have one *wink*. I opted out of the need for a guy and enjoyed my time there immensely, but many women made the choice to support their guys who spent their time in "artistic" pursuits or simply with a Bud at hand. This film is partly for them and the life that continues there.

I was so impressed with these animations, I simply had to use them lickety-split.  And it was fun. The lazy guy is just me in male form so not really a story there :D.

Link to Country Life at YouTube 


A curated exhibit opened for the month of May over on LEA1. I spent a morning exploring and filming and the next day editing. This is the result. A great build and certainly plenty to think about. As always I went without a plan and let the exhibit tell its own story -- from my point of view of course.

YouTube link to A Rusted Development


I spent several weeks on Running with Scissors, building many of the sets, designing others and attempting to make each shot as elegant as possible. I was pretty successful in my estimation. I had some issues with trees that caused a tremendous amount of lag (who knew?). There was one shot I would have liked a do-over on, but sometimes that just doesn't work out.

It is a story of mothers and daughters and how wisdom can change over time.

YouTube link to Running with Scissors


Just as most of us were readying to leave our LEA endowment plots, I woke with the idea of visiting each of the installations and producing a collage of sorts. We needed a record of what we had made. At least I wanted more than dimming memories.

TIME at YouTube 


"Where do you go when you dream?"

We give ourselves up to the darkness and the spirits -- each night a new adventure. There are hints in our wanderings; all we need to do is listen.

In Dreams

The University of Western Australia is once again hosting a machinima competition.  Its theme is based on "Seek Wisdom" and the UWA itself, now with 100 years of service. I sort of volunteered to go first, over-achiever me, with "The Search". The films are to be 4:30 minutes long in order to be considered for a special prize. That is a long film for me, but I did manage. I plan to do a more surreal and outside the box film before the contest ends in June. LOTS of time.

I was asked to document my LEA12 build, On Thin Ice. Our installations are fleeting and photos and film are the only tangible evidence they existed. There are our memories of course.


 A short art film for my Linden Endowment for the Arts installation, "On Thin Ice", February - mid March 2011. Music - "The End" by Epic Soul Factory (CC).  Didn't you know? There's a Party at the End of the World. This links to the non-PG version :D.

Filmed at Second Libations,  a Linden Endowment for the Arts exhibit, December 2011.

Many thanks to Haveit Neox for the invitation to film. Music by Celestial Aeon Project - Forgotten Memories (CC). I was indeed impressed with his depth of vision. Watch CHAINED.

A short but lively look at the dancers of the Lady Garden Cabaret. Filmed during live performances for my friend Chandra. This is Burlesque!

Lost in the City lies somewhere between an art film and a music video. My goal was to present a moody and thoughtful story that echoed Amy Sayer's "Siren Song" (CC). This video accompanied my LEA Endowment installation "The Subway" where it was filmed. 

Shades of Gray - A visual poem featuring work by 3D artists at the University of Western Australia Open Art Challenge.

A short work for the MetaBody Project, the me I could not see was filmed on location, costumes provided. Well not the spinning eye and related props, I made those *wink*.

My four muses return for another performance in The Music Room, a fairytale of sorts.

SCREAM - Beautifully disturbing is an apt description of this art video. Surrealistic and dreamlike, this video reminds us that genius and madness are nearby neighbors

A personal view of the art installation, Metamorphosis, by Igor Ballyhoo at UTSA ArtSpace.

Metamorphosis - A Personal Journey -

One girl, five sheep and a hurricane. This documentary covers virtual Hurricane Bernadette which hit landfall not far from the New Toulouse sims in Second Life.

  • Featured Month of Machinima (October 2011)
  • Featured on's homepage (October 2011)

Frankie and Johnny, A timeless tale of love, jealousy, revenge and remorse.

 Nature of Elements is a video "coffee table" book with a not so subtle message. Still, it's really about the pretty pictures -- and of course the balloons. 

  • Featured Month of Machinima (October 2011)


1001 Nights was a middle of the night exercise featuring an exotic new photo stage and some premium silks.

Waiting for Prince Charming explores the benefits of patience.  This was my first video with panning and live motion.

My first music video -- and with back up dancers yet! Midsummer Night's Dream

Windlight Shadows offers tips for first time feature users as well as a intro and exit with music. It includes animated talking with post processed audio.

On the occasion of my purchase of a new AO, I took a brief moment on the set of "Midsummer Night's" to make this video, Watch Me Breathe. It was my first with a music track.

My very first machinima movie complete with trial watermark. While I am very happy with the results of my beginner's efforts, I am guessing this will be embarrassingly boring as I progress. It is added here for historical purposes and as a gauge to measure improvement.