Sunday, February 1, 2015

February - Films and Surprises

Well let's start with the surprise:

Congratulations!  You have been nominated for an Avi Choice Award!  For the past few weeks Second Life residents have been submitting nominations, for the Arts categories, via the Avi Choice website.  After a process of consolidation, you are a finalist and will be put up for voting.  The specific category you have been nominated for is:


A nice kudo for sure.

Two new films went up last month, a very busy one for me. Both were made in OpenSim where I seem to be building a new world to film in. Who knew?

Now for the most part it is a build it yourself world there, but my city is looking REALLY nice and I am happy. I have plans to remake an early film -- on in the sense of the theme and music and locale. That should be fun.

Meanwhile here are the new films for 2015 (very short with the first actually being a background music video for my club dancers in OS.

And this was a quick video showing my homework making my NPC dancers. She was my first and actually got replaced by "better models" :D but a fun shoot.