Tuesday, September 20, 2011


When I was first learning about art a few decades ago, I was obsessed with Chiaroscuro. I had my favorite Renaissance painters, ones that specialized in the play of light amidst dark. I had pretty much forgotten all that until I ended my latest video, SCREAM.  This scene appears in the movie. I won't tell you where as this is already a spoiler post of sorts. But as I wrapped up the editing, watching for a few more times to make sure I was actually finished, I kept coming back to this shot. I was simply mesmerized.

So much is said with so little light. It is really amazing when you think of it. I don't often get to take photos like this; SEEING the subject is often mandatory in my trade, but when it happens -- when something magic happens -- it is time for pause. This is my tribute post to that moment.