Sunday, August 28, 2011


Shadows can lend a lot to a photo. The play of light and dark, shades of gray, contrast -- all add to the composition. When dynamic (cast) shadows came into Second Life they definitely became the Flavor of the Month. Everyone (well the folks "I" know) lusted after the ability to photograph shadow play. While I could work with shadows on a short term basis with my old computer, I too wanted more. Hence a new, very fast desktop with 2 G graphics card. What I didn't know is that the card I picked for its great reviews (ATI Radeon 6900) doesn't do shadows well.

Yes, I was definitely depressed, a good model for this shot really! But the new computer let me record video with ease and grace and I fell in love with machinima. Not a bad second prize. Now, it seems cast shadows have moved through their popularity phase; some folks still use them, others have opted for different looks. This photo is taken WITHOUT shadows turned on in the viewer -- and still, there are shadows.

Embracing what works is almost always less stressful than wanting what you can't have.